Who We Are

The Career Resource Department provides job training and placement services for three groups of people. (1) In School Youth, (2) Out of School Youth and (3) Adults. Services are free and many of our programs pay our participants to learn job skills. Many programs also pay our participants wages when they are first placed at job sites.

What We Do

The benefit of working with the CRD is that we have relationships with hundreds of local employers and work to train participants in our school before we place them on the job. We are not an employment agency that supplies workers within specific industries. We first train our participants with specific skills and then place them on jobs and monitor their success.

Learn and Earn

Participants in many of our programs receive incentives for completing various requirements. Also… after the student is placed on the job we pay for their first 250 hours of work. This gives employers an opportunity to see how our participants perform and fit in at their specific job.